Seahorses! Diving near Portsmouth

After moving to Portsmouth for our last few days on Dominica, we went on a dive trip. This dive day was a little more challenging. On the first dive I made the mistake of descending without enough weight. About halfway into the dive, which had gone really well, I kept ascending and then fighting it … Continue reading Seahorses! Diving near Portsmouth

Diving with Eels, Frogfish, and Jellyfish

Day Three of diving in Dominica included two different types of eels, a frogfish, little jellyfish stings, the camouflage wonder of the peacock flounder, and the sounds of humpback whales in the distance. What an exciting day! See the video overview here: A peacock flounder. Also a peacock flounder. Their camouflage is beautiful. A … Continue reading Diving with Eels, Frogfish, and Jellyfish

A quick walk to Trafalgar Falls

Our first stay on Dominica is at Papillote Wilderness Retreat, which is about a three minute walk from the entrance to Trafalgar Falls, a popular and iconic site. Shuttle buses full of tourists from cruise ships drive by every morning so that hundreds more photos can be taken and the national parks can collect a … Continue reading A quick walk to Trafalgar Falls

Middleham Falls: Earning a Waterfall Paradise

The trailhead. Compared to most people, Kevin and I do a lot of hiking during the summers in Colorado. A lot. But now I’m forced to recognize A) how incredibly out of shape I am (probably has something to do with caring for my father and his subsequent passing this past winter), and B) we … Continue reading Middleham Falls: Earning a Waterfall Paradise

Diving in Dominica: Day Two

The second day of diving, just like the second day of skiing, is so much better - I’ve worked out the kinks and can just relax. I rented a mask and dive computer and both worked like magic. We dove Scott’s Head Pinnacle, which is definitely one of the best fives I’ve ever done. There … Continue reading Diving in Dominica: Day Two

Denver Staycation

Live in Colorado and want a "staycation"? Have a couple days in Denver to acclimate before hitting the higher elevations? The Mile-High City offers a walkable visit in this quintessentially Western metropolis. On a recent trip to Denver, my friend and I built our visit around a couple of themes: women's history and western art. … Continue reading Denver Staycation

Vacation on a plate

Want to travel the world and expose your kids to distant cultures, but don't have the money or vacation time? Everyone has their own timetable for living life, with obstacles like money, health issues, limited paid time off, and family obligations. But you can always find a way to broaden your experience and take a … Continue reading Vacation on a plate

A cork tour in Portugal

You know cork as the thing that stops up your wine bottle. But did you ever wonder where that cork came from? Portugal is the perfect place to learn more about cork. Portugal produces more cork than any other country in the world. A cork tree is a type of oak tree and the cork … Continue reading A cork tour in Portugal