A quick walk to Trafalgar Falls

Our first stay on Dominica is at Papillote Wilderness Retreat, which is about a three minute walk from the entrance to Trafalgar Falls, a popular and iconic site. Shuttle buses full of tourists from cruise ships drive by every morning so that hundreds more photos can be taken and the national parks can collect a few dollars.

Trafalgar Falls

The word amongst adventure travelers on a budget like us is that you can skip this site. But since we are right here we decided to walk up the road (and I do mean UP) to take a look.

It costs $5 per person to visit the falls. You can hire a guide if you want to make the trek beyond the viewing platform to get closer to either of the waterfalls. The walk to the platform itself is very short and along a well-maintained paved trail.

Entrance to the park.

The special thing about Trafalgar Falls is that there are two waterfalls – the mama and the papa. It is also possible to see both waterfalls from much further down the valley, as you drive toward the falls.

Mama on the right. Papa on the left.

This site is a great way to see beautiful waterfalls and spend a little time outside in the rainforest. For those who are not up for a challenging hike, this is a wonderful option.

Enjoy the lizards at Trafalgar Falls.

Things to know:

  • There is a parking lot but sometimes it fills up.
  • There are vendors selling souvenirs at the entrance.
  • You might get better lighting in the afternoon.
  • There is a snack bar just outside the entrance.

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