Snorkeling Grand Case, St. Martin

Grand Case is known for its beautiful beach and exquisite French dining, but not so much for snorkeling. Which is a shame because there are some good options.

(Shortcut to my video here.)

Grand Case Beach/Baie de Grand Case – if you try snorkeling here be careful of the boats and jet skis.

Snorkel excursions are available at the Grand Case Beach Club ($75/person for a two-hour trip to Creole Rock, twice a day, make reservations) but it is also possible to snorkel right from the beach. Most of the beach is sandy with some sea grass, and I’ve seen snorkelers exploring the area for fish and other creatures. The best snorkeling is at the rocky shore on the far southwest end of the beach.

Start your snorkeling here.

Some call this area Molly Smith Point, but I haven’t seen it labeled as such on a map. Just start walking away from town along the beach. Pass a graveyard (from the beach it looks like a bunch of concrete blocks), and walk until you reach the rocks. Here we found a sandy spots to put on our fins, masks and snorkels. Be careful of the rocks and sea urchins here. As soon as you’ve got your gear on, lie down on your stomach and float above all the hazards. Don’t worry, it’s fun and easy!

Eel – not a great photo but I was lucky to get anything at all. This eel swam through holes in this rock, hiding from me.

We saw a few interesting creatures that we don’t usually see when snorkeling, including a spotted eel and several squid, including baby squid! We also saw lots of needle nose fish, blue tang, blue head wrass, trunkfish and anemones. The coral was surprisingly health and diverse.

We still aren’t sure what this is. Looks like an iridescent trunk fish.
I loved the varieties of anemones.

I made a video and while I was making it I realized how fascinating the patterns and shapes were. The combination of sun and sea has much to delight the eye and to teach us. Watch the video by clicking here.

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