Vacation on a plate

Want to travel the world and expose your kids to distant cultures, but don't have the money or vacation time? Everyone has their own timetable for living life, with obstacles like money, health issues, limited paid time off, and family obligations. But you can always find a way to broaden your experience and take a … Continue reading Vacation on a plate

Air Quality travel struggles

When Americans travel abroad, one of the most common concerns is the quality of water in their destination country. But I have found that air quality can often be a bigger concern, mostly because it sneaks up on you and it can be difficult to avoid air pollution once you are on the ground in … Continue reading Air Quality travel struggles

11 Hints for Planning a Big Trip

I have my way of travel planning - you need to take the approach that you are most comfortable with. And your approach will likely change over time. For most of my travel, I have done all of the research and planning myself. Here are my suggestions about tools to have in your belt: For … Continue reading 11 Hints for Planning a Big Trip

Always choose to pay in Euros

  (The following is from the point of view of a U.S. resident traveling in Europe, but this information applies to all travel for all those traveling outside their own country. Be careful which currency you are paying with when using your credit card!)  "La cuenta, por favor." "Die Rechnung, bitte." "L'addition, s'il vous plaît." … Continue reading Always choose to pay in Euros

5 tricks for travel with kids

While traveling with kids is rewarding and fun, you need to have strategies to keep the kids engaged. No one wants to go all the way to Europe (or your local museum) just to have the kids playing on their phones or whining about being bored. Visiting Munich recently reminded me of the tools I gathered … Continue reading 5 tricks for travel with kids