Gaudi’s Barcelona

When my husband and I arrived in Barcelona in 2017, we had no solid plan and spent our first evening researching what to see. Because we've visited many museums, cathedrals, piazzas and castles, we decided the thing that would distinguish Barcelona for us would be to immerse ourselves in Antoni Gaudi's architecture. Gaudi was a … Continue reading Gaudi’s Barcelona

Favorite Travel Moments of 2017

Backroads of Portugal Culturally rich, geographically beautiful, friendly and fun - the villages and countryside affirmed that the best thing we did in Portugal was get away from the cities and beach resorts. The cork tour at Herdade da Maroteira, staying at the Convento de São Paulo, devouring pasteis at Fabrica dos Pasteis in Evora, … Continue reading Favorite Travel Moments of 2017

A cork tour in Portugal

You know cork as the thing that stops up your wine bottle. But did you ever wonder where that cork came from? Portugal is the perfect place to learn more about cork. Portugal produces more cork than any other country in the world. A cork tree is a type of oak tree and the cork … Continue reading A cork tour in Portugal

My 5 Favorite Libraries

Travel to one of the great cities of the world, and you may find yourself playing tourist at a library. Travel through the back roads of America, and you should definitely stop at the local library for access to resources you can't find anywhere else. Libraries may seem like a thing of the past, but, … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Libraries

Our 2017 Europe Itinerary: Munich, Portugal, Spain and Copenhagen

Several friends have asked for the itinerary for our 6 week trip to Europe last spring. You asked for it, you got it. Contact me if you want more details. I'll do a future blog entry about the wisdom (or lack of it) in doing this type of trip. We went on this trip in … Continue reading Our 2017 Europe Itinerary: Munich, Portugal, Spain and Copenhagen