Seahorses! Diving near Portsmouth

After moving to Portsmouth for our last few days on Dominica, we went on a dive trip. This dive day was a little more challenging.

On the first dive I made the mistake of descending without enough weight. About halfway into the dive, which had gone really well, I kept ascending and then fighting it by swimming downward. After awhile I was completely exhausted and floated to the surface. As a good dive buddy does, Kevin followed me and helped me swim back to the boat, getting a leg cramp along the way and almost losing my weights too!

Before all of that drama, we saw a ray and a lionfish. I was able to make a video of what we saw before my embarrassing mishap:

The second dive went so much better. And I’m so glad I summoned the energy to dive again. On that dive we saw a puffer fish, a moray eels, a barracuda, a peacock flounder, and both orange and black seahorses. This dive also included a couple of fun swim-throughs. Watch the video of this dive here:

A seahorse at Toucari Cave.
Video of the orange seahorse.
Video of the black seahorse.

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