Diving in Dominica: Day Two

The second day of diving, just like the second day of skiing, is so much better – I’ve worked out the kinks and can just relax. I rented a mask and dive computer and both worked like magic.

We dove Scott’s Head Pinnacle, which is definitely one of the best fives I’ve ever done. There is a swim-through which requires paying attention and feels like you’re entering another world. On the other side is a wall with current that gently pushed us along. But, on this dive, there were also at least a half dozen lionfish hanging around a coral head. Divemaster Desiree went to work, catching them for lunch and more jewelry-making. You can see her lionfish hunting in the video of the dive – she’s the one in white. https://youtu.be/RSHWzU2MJxs

One of the cool things about diving with Nature Island Dive is that the dive sites are so close that the boat comes back to shore for the surface interval. Here you can relax and have a treat from The Bottom Cafe in the dive shop. By the way, the dive shop here isn’t a store – Desiree sells her lionfish jewelry (under the brand “Lionfish Mermaid”), but there really isn’t anything else to buy here. This place is all about the diving and marine conservation.

The owner and staff at Nature Island Dive are focused on protecting the ecosystem, and one of the ways they do this is by giving the coral “treatments”, which include antibiotics. This will hopefully protect the coral from disease. You can see them applying the treatment with a syringe in some of my videos. Their commitment and passion is impressive. The staff also does research about marine life, like sea turtles.

Our second dive of the day was at Soufriere Pinnacles. Just another beautiful dive: https://youtu.be/SHKQ4TtE80Q

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