Diving & Snorkeling Puerto Rico: Culebra Adventure

After a good day of diving with Sea Ventures Pro Dive Centers, we signed up for their Culebra Reefs Excursion for divers. The day includes two dives and a stop at a beach for lunch and snorkeling. It’s also an easy way to get to Culebra and see a little of the magic of this island.

The Channel

The first dive of the morning was at The Channel. Unfortunately, visibility was low. Nevertheless, there was beautiful coral and lots of fish, so it was an enjoyable dive. Click here to see the dive.

Big beautiful angelfish at The Channel.

Carlos Rosario

Our second dive was at Carlos Rosario Beach at Culebra island. This is a shallow reef with a sandy area alongside. We saw more angelfish here, along with lots of barracuda, a baby eel, a spotted eel, and several lobsters. Click here to watch my video of the dive. This video is especially long because I included a couple of minutes of an eel that we enjoyed seeing. Also, we had a nice group of people on this dive, so I wanted to give them a longer video and include them, where possible. Some of them were helpful to me, pointing out the eels, and indulgent of my maneuvers trying to get a good shot, and I appreciated it.

One of several barracuda at Carlos Rosario.

Visibility on this dive was, again, not great. There’s some kind of plant matter or algae in the water. I had run into this on St. Martin a couple weeks earlier and I’m curious about what it is. Looks like cottonwood seed puffs from home – but in the water!

A spotted eel.

Playa Tamarindo Grande

After the dives we went to a beach just around the headlands from Carlos Rosario. Playa Tamarindo Grande is just downhill from a landfill and anyone on Culebra would have to hike to it, so it’s remote. It’s a nice enough beach, but the reef just offshore is a fantastic snorkeling opportunity.

When the boat arrived at the bay, everyone else was focused on lunch, but I grabbed my mask, snorkel and fins and jumped right into the water. It is something special to snorkel on own in such a heavenly setting. The reef has a lot of fish, healthy coral, and I saw a stingray. There are coral propagation structures and it looks like someone is doing research. When Kevin got in the water he also saw squid and a moray eel. Watch my video of the reef here.

A stringray makes his escape.

Snorkeling at Playa Tamarindo Grande was the perfect ending to our last day of diving on this trip.

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