Who’s Laura?

Laura holds an SLR camera up to take a photo on Poon Hill in Nepal. In the background are other trekkers and beyond then are snowcapped Himalayan mountains. Clouds are overhead, but there is a blue sky off to the right.
Snapping sunrise shots on Poon Hill in Nepal.

I don’t just love to travel, I love to plan the trip – do the research, make the reservations, everything. I want to get a good deal. And when I actually get somewhere that is a real gem, I feel like I’ve scored a win!

While I’m willing to stay in chain hotels and eat at chain restaurants (especially if I can use “points” or am in a hurry), I prefer to find a deal that is closer to the local culture and economy. I used to say that I draw the line at staying in accommodations with rodents, but that line has been crossed and I didn’t mind because the beach and experience outweighed a few silly mice!

Laura stands in a field of yellow and pink wildflowers on the side of a mountain, with rocky peaks behind her. She is carrying a tripod and camera. She wears a purple shirt and khaki hiking pants.
I love to take photos of wildflowers in the Rocky Mountains.

After 25 years of amateur travel, my friends and family ask me how I plan these trips and travel so much. So, I decided to start a blog to share my approach and my experiences. I hope I can inspire you to see more of the world in your own way.

– Laura Hoeppner

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