Diving Sint Maarten: The Bridge

Our second dive with Dive Sint Martin was at The Bridge. This dive site was created when the Simpson Bay Bridge was replaced by a wider, higher bridge to accommodate a wider, higher mega yacht. The remains of the old bridge were dumped at this site and nature has taken over, providing a beautiful dive site. To enhance the dive site, a few boats have been scuttled nearby, attracting more coral and marine life.

Watch the full dive on YouTube by clicking here. Be sure to subscribe (free) to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss future videos! I also made a shorter version of the video with some special effects and music, just to provide another option. Let me know which kind of video you prefer – the longer more pure version with no music and less production, or the shorter version that I think is a little more fun. You can comment below or on the YouTube videos themselves.

I learned at this dive site that capturing the contrast between the manmade structure and the natural formations and fish is great fun for me. I just love seeing nature take over.

Our dive included a few reef sharks, a puffer fish, and our dive guide found her fish-friend who is fascinated by her bubble blowing.

This was one of my all-time favorite dives. Dive Sint Maarten was a top-notch organization and provided a safe and fun experience.

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