Diving Sint Maarten: Carib Ghost

I’d like to rave about how great our first day of diving was on Sint Maarten but I’ve got to get to bed so I can have another fantastic day of diving tomorrow. Click here to see the video, which speaks for itself.

This turtle was a little shy.

We met some awesome people on the dive and saw sharks, a turtle, colorful coral, and thousands upon thousands of tropical fish. Unfortunately we had to end our dive a little early because we were running low on air. We weren’t the only ones, and one of the newer divers had to do some buddy breathing during his safety stop. It was our first time seeing that so it was interesting.

Our friend, Timmy the Turtle.

We did the dive with Dive Sint Maarten, which was extremely professional and thorough. I really appreciated feeling so safe. I recommend them and hope to use them again next week.

Our second dive was even better than the first – come back this weekend to see that video!

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