Diving Dominica

Diving in Dominica has reminded me why I love to dive. I haven’t dived in 3+ years, and that was “just” a shark dive in the Bahamas, which is cool, but doesn’t include the corals, fish, and other sea creatures that I dive to see.

Our first set of dives was the usual frustration of any first-of-the-season drills (similar to skiing): forgetting things you need or want, equipment challenges (my dive computer crapped out, my mask is a fail), and none of the pertinent muscle groups are prepared for this. Nevertheless, we had two great dives and signed up for more.

We chose to dive with Nature Island Dive in Soufriere, on the southwest corner of Dominica. It’s close to world-class dive sites and came recommended by a stranger we met on the flight to Dominica.

Our first dive was to Dangleben’s Pinnacles. I was a mess, flailing around with a mask that kept filling with water. But I persevered. My new GoPro Hero 10 functioned beautifully and I now have a new mission – to master the video editing of GoPro’s Quik app so I can share my adventures with you! My first dive video is at: I have much to learn, but I’m determined!

Our second dive was at L’Abym, which means The Abyss. And, yes, that’s how it feels. Above water, cliffs drop to the Caribbean and keep going. We only dive to about 20.5 meters, which was fine with me! The video of that dive can be seen here:

The corals in this part of the Caribbean are noteworthy and the marine life is flourishing. Well, much of it. There is currently a sea urchin die off that is affecting the Caribbean, and we saw evidence of that.

And, of course, the diving community continues to battle the invasive lionfish. Nature Island Dive hunts lionfish and serves delicious lionfish sandwiches. Divemaster Desiree also makes jewelry from lionfish spines in an effort to increase awareness of the problems lionfish bring to the ecosystem.

Desiree cleans lionfish in preparation for lunch.
Our delicious (and fresh!) lionfish sandwich.

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